Center for Children with Special Needs

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An infant who has difficulty holding himself upright. A toddler who does not wave "bye bye" or bring toys to her parents. A preschooler whose speech is delayed. A child whose disruptive behaviors causes problems at home or school. Or, a child who seems to be "different" and cannot make friends. These are some of the children we see at the Center for Children with Special Needs (CCSN) at Tufts Children's Hospital in downtown Boston.

The world can be frustrating for a child with developmental difficulties. Whether you are the parent, or the child’s teacher, therapist, or health care provider, the CCSN provides a comprehensive resource for evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, advocacy and support for children with diverse disabilities.

With a team of specialists, the CCSN is one of the largest programs of its kind in the region. Contact us today for a consultation at 617-636-7242.