Leadership and Current Residents

Sara Ross, MD is the director of the Pediatric Residency Program at Tufts Children's Hospital in downtown Boston, MA.Sara Ross, MD
Director, Pediatric Residency Program









Charles (Chas) Hannum, MD is a general pediatrician at Tufts Children's Hospital in downtown Boston, MA.Charles (Chas) Hannum, MD
Associate Program Director, Pediatrics Residency Program








Jaclyn Boulais, MD
Associate Program Director, Pediatric Residency Program









Adrianna Serrao is the program coordinator for the Pediatric Residency Program at Tufts Children's Hospital in Boston, MA.Adrianna Serrao
Program Coordinator, Pediatric Residency Program

Hala Al-Safarjalani, MDHala Al-Safarjalani, MD
Hi there! I come from the deep south, where I studied at the University of South Alabama (Go Jags!) for college and medical school, and I am very excited to join my new family at Tufts! I'm happy to escape the humidity of the south and brave the cold weather of Boston, with the help of some clam chowder and my new Canada Goose investment. I enjoy bodybuilding, failed attempts at cooking, and the guilty pleasure of watching the Kardashians...which my hubby also secretly enjoys. I'm 5'2" and am a huge proponent for Tufts Children's's catch phrase: You Don't Have To Be Big To Be Strong!
Eleanor Allen, MDEleanor Allen, MD
I grew up in Belvedere, a small town near San Francisco, and attended a French immersion school from pre-K through high school. I then moved to Houston to attend Rice University, where I was a French literature major and pre-med. I also did a short stint as pre-vet, and worked at the Houston Zoo! After undergrad, I stayed in Texas and moved to Dallas for medical school at UT Southwestern. There, I stayed very busy studying, doing clerkships, volunteering, and taking care of my Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees, Sonoma. Now, I am super excited to move to Boston and start my residency training at Tufts Children's!
Daneille Burton, MDDaneille Burton, MD

I was born in New York City and then grew up in a ballet studio in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I attended Smith College where I double majored in Dance and Chemistry. After graduating, I was a professional ballerina with American Midwest Ballet, Missouri Ballet Theatre, and the Montgomery Ballet. During that time I taught dance as well, which is when I fell in love with working with children. Seeing my students struggle with illness and injury inspired to go to medical school to become a pediatrician. My passion for psychiatry developed when I moved back to Colorado to complete my medical training at University of Colorado School of Medicine. I am thrilled to be a part of the Triple Board Program at Tufts Medical Center and to work at the intersection of pediatrics and psychiatry. I am excited to live in Boston with my husband, Ryan, and two kittens, Autumn and Earl Grey. Outside of medicine, I enjoy dancing, drinking coffee with friends, long walks, and folding paper cranes.
Rebecca Clayman, MDRebecca Clayman, MD
Hi Everyone! I grew up just north of Boston in Marblehead, while spending my summers working at a summer camp up in Maine. I then travelled out to the Midwest to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!). Eventually, I returned back to Boston to teach, do research and get my masters at Boston University. My research brought me to Botswana, and ignited my interest in global health. I soon after left for medical school in Ireland and was able to spend four wonderful years in Dublin.  That being said, I am so excited to be returning to Boston for residency and to join Tufts Children's Hospital Family!
Geoffrey Daves, MDGeoffrey Daves, MD
Hello! I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, a small South Texas border town filled with fantastic Mexican food. I grew up playing sports and enjoying the outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing with my parents and sister. I attended college at Texas A&M International University, where I majored in Biology and played collegiate golf. After college, I earned a Masters of Anatomical Sciences from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. After graduate school, I attended medical school at Ross University which is located on a small island in the Caribbean. It was here where I met my beautiful wife, Seanna. Seanna, who grew up in Easton, MA, introduced me to Boston and I absolutely loved it.  I am extremely excited and appreciative to train at Tufts Children's.
Sarah Ghabbour, MDSarah Ghabbour, MD
Hello! I am originally from Arlington, Massachusetts, where I grew up with my little sister and parents. Staying close to home, I attended Boston University, where I majored in health science and minored in business administration. After graduating, I ventured two hours north to attend medical school at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine. I am super excited to be back in Boston and joining Tufts Children's Hospital family! Outside of pediatrics, I enjoy figure skating, running, soccer, listening to podcasts, and spending time with family.

Courtney Hanna, MDCourtney Hanna, MD
Hi everyone! I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and went to the University of Michigan for college. I made the move to Penn State for medical school, but have always remained a loyal Wolverine (even in enemy territory)! I did a 1-week pediatric rotation outside of Boston during my first year of medical school and fell in love with the city, so I am incredibly excited to be doing my training here!
Samuel Hilbert, MDSamuel Hilbert, MD
When people ask me where I’m from I usually say “the east coast.” I was born in Columbia, South Carolina but grew up in Southborough, Massachusetts. I went to college at Boston University where I majored in biology with a specialization in neuroscience and played rugby. After graduating I stayed in Boston for four years doing a little bit of everything. During that time, I created my own position at a high-end restaurant, L'Espalier, volunteered at Horizons for Homeless Children, drove for Lyft/Uber, pursued a masters in medical science at BU, and researched LASIK surgery. I then was lucky to have the opportunity to attend medical school at Drexel University in Philadelphia where I was able to work with a diverse patient population and explore a new city. While in Philadelphia I enjoyed running, cooking, and hiking with my foster dog. Now I am thrilled to return to Boston and have the opportunity to learn and grow as a resident at Tufts Children's.
Diane Saint-Victor, MDDiane Saint-Victor, MD
Hi! Originally born and raised here in Boston but spent a lot of time travelling (one of my favorite hobbies) since then. I went to undergrad at Williams College, where I majored in psychology, started a slam poetry group, and helped out doing some theater tech for plays my friends were in. Then I flew down to Atlanta for grad school at Emory and stayed in the city doing some health research for a few years. I was excited to explore a new city and eat lots of Southern comfort food! Eventually, I left the warmth to go to Pennsylvania for medical school at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. After all that, I made my way back home to Tufts Children's! I am so excited to be back and see new and familiar sites. Looking forward to exploring Boston with friends, new and old. Outside of loving pediatrics, I also enjoy running, yoga, reading, and trying to train my cat. I couldn't be happier to join this great group of future pediatricians and I'm so honored to be at Tufts Children's Hospital!
Millie Shah, DOMillie Shah, DO

Hi! I was born and raised along the famous Jersey Shore and grew up loving the sand, waves, and salt of the water. But, I soon found my love for the mountains when I attended Lehigh University (real life Hogwarts!) for my undergraduate years. After Lehigh, I moved back to South Jersey to earn my masters at UMDNJ and then went on to attend Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I enjoy drawing, climbing, reading, hiking, and, of course, spending time at the shore. Philly is the first city to claim a spot in my heart as home but I am incredibly excited to be making the one way trip to Boston and to join the Triple Board and Tufts Children's family!
Cristina Stefanescu, MDCristina Stefanescu, MD
Boston has been my home for a long time and I'm super excited to spend another three years here as a Tufts pediatric resident!  I grew up in Needham, MA and went to college at MIT, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.  I then worked for several years in biomedical research focused on developing controlled drug delivery systems to enhance medical treatments at the Koch Institute in Cambridge.  While working there, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and enrolled in Tufts MBS masters program. After that, I went on to start medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine. Needless to say, I am very familiar with Beantown and the Tufts medical community! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my husband cooking or catching a show at the House of Blues.  I also love spending time with family, including my 15 month-old nephew who is currently obsessed with fish and balloons.  I also used to play both field hockey and ice hockey in college and still like to play pick-up games of either sport whenever I get a chance.  I am ecstatic to be staying in Boston and to be joining Tufts Children's Hospital family!
Lauren Winter, MDLauren Winter, MD
Hi! My name is Lauren Winter and I am from Lake Placid, New York - Home of the Winter Olympics! Although I loved growing up in a small town and loved being in the mountains, when I applied to college I wanted to experience living in a city. So I came to Boston, went to Northeastern, and studied Finance. Northeastern's co-op program helped me realize finance wasn't my true calling and allowed me to find my passion for medicine. After graduation I did research at GW in DC before starting medical school in Albany, NY. Before starting at Albany Med, I was drawn to pediatrics, which was only reaffirmed during my clinical years. Children are so optimistic and resilient, and I am so happy that I get to spend every day with them. I am thrilled to join Tufts Children's Hospital Family in pursuit of my dream of becoming a pediatrician!
Ying Zhang, MDYing Yi Zhang, MD

Hello everyone! I was born in China but moved to New York City with my mom to pursue "the American dream" when I was in elementary school. I love everything about New York City, even the very old and always delayed subway system, but I decided that I need to explore other places. So after graduating high school, I moved to MA to attend Wellesley College for undergraduate studies where I majored in Economics and Chemistry. During this time, I made so many meaningful friendships, and I met my then boyfriend, now husband, who is native to MA. I then spent two years doing research in Boston at Brigham and Women's Hospital before moving back to New York to attend medical school. While I will surely miss New York, I am excited to come back to Boston and train at Tufts Children's. I look forward to this next stage in my life, making new friends, and being part of the Patriots fandom.

Peri Akchurin, DOPeri Akchurin, DO
University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hello! I am originally from Iowa but spent my teen years in Lubbock, Texas. I then moved north to attend Vassar College in New York, where I majored in neuroscience and behavior, worked as a peer health educator, and volunteered as an EMT. Between my undergraduate years and medical school, I worked in New York City at a pediatric psychiatry practice before returning to Texas for medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. While there, I participated in multiple women’s health advocacy programs and realized my passion for mental healthcare and adolescent medicine. Though I will always love the warmth and unique character of the Lone Star State, I am thrilled to join the Tufts Triple Board family and cannot wait to explore Boston and its many sources of oysters! In my free time, I enjoy knitting, drawing, cooking, hiking, and yoga, all while listening to some good classic rock.

Michael Coughlin, DOMichael Coughlin, DO
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up in the chaos of a large family alongside my 2 siblings and 54 first cousins. I attended John Carroll University for college where I majored in biology, ran the 400 meter hurdles, and created a charitable organization to benefit a local children’s hospital. After college, I conducted physiology research at Case Western Reserve University and coached my high school track team. During this time I began the process toward medical school and was fortunate to be accepted into the University of New England. Having spent the majority of my life in Cleveland, I was thrilled with the opportunity to explore a new area in coastal Maine. I quickly fell in love with the east coast and all it has to offer: beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and many outdoor activities. At UNE, I took advantage of the outdoors and led the Maine Adaptive ski program for kids and adults with disabilities. Outside of Pediatrics, I enjoy running, skiing, and exploring new areas. I’m looking forward to discovering Boston and its sports scene. I’m excited to begin this next stage in my medical career and couldn’t be happier to be at Tufts and a new member of Tufts Children's Hospital family.

Robert Joseph Daniels-Mulholland, MDRobert Joseph Daniels-Mulholland, MD
New York Medical College

Born and raised in east Tennessee, I grew up playing all sorts of sports, hiking, mountain biking, and cheering for the North Carolina Tar Heels (my parents both attended and met each other at UNC-Chapel Hill). After a great college experience at the University of Tennessee, I followed a yearning to branch out and explore another part of the country, landing in Westchester County, NY at New York Medical College. The past 4 years of medical school have been filled to the brim with classes, work, studies, extracurricular sports and hiking, not to mention meeting some of my very best friends. Moving on will be hard, but I’m so excited to explore my new town of Boston, go to Celtics games, find some pickup basketball to play, and to grow as a person and physician at Tufts Children's Children’s. And hopefully I’ll get to meet some new neat friends along the way!

Ankita Deosthali, MDAnkita Deosthali, MD
Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Hello! My name is Ankita and I am very excited to train at Tufts Children's at Tufts. I spent the first half of my childhood growing up in Austin, TX and moved to NY for the second half. Growing up in Texas developed my love for Mexican food and growing up in NY introduced me to my favorite season - fall! I returned to Texas for college at Rice University, a real life version of Hogwarts (Harry Potter is another love of mine). In college I was a Cognitive Science major and balanced my pre-med studies with an arts or theater related course every semester. I returned to the northeast for medical school, starting at LKSOM at Temple University in Philadelphia. Living in Philadelphia solidified how much I love city living, and am so grateful for the opportunity to explore Boston. I have been wanting to be a pediatrician for as long as I can remember, and truly cannot wait to work with Tufts Children's Hospital community!

Michelle Foley, DOMichelle Foley, DO
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

I have been a New Englander throughout my entire life. I spent the majority of my childhood in Franklin, Massachusetts which is a small suburb of Boston. I decided to follow in my older sister's footsteps for college and attended Holy Cross in Worcester, MA where I obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology with a pre-med concentration. After college I took a few years off of school and did clinical research at Tufts before heading up to the wilderness of Maine for medical school at University of New England COM. While I loved Maine and all it had to offer (especially the close by beach in the summer), I knew that I wanted to head back down the coast for residency and am so excited to pursue my residency at the Tufts Children's! In my free time, I love exploring new places and new foods with my fiancé (a fellow Holy Cross Crusader), reading a good book, spending time with my family, and cooking and baking. I can't wait to spend the next three years in my favorite city and continue exploring everything it has to offer.

Lisa Hsu, MDLisa Hsu, MD
National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine

I was born in California but raised and finished all my education in Taipei, Taiwan. I started to learn Chinese dance and ballet dance at the age of five, and they had become the most important part of my childhood. Until now, I keep it a habit to take dance classes in my spare time.The medical schools in Taiwan are 7-year programs right after high school, so I spent several years in National Yang-Ming University located on a tranquil hillside. It takes hundreds of steps to reach our medical building near the hilltop!

During my clerkship at Taipei Veterans General Hospital (on the other side of the hill), I met my husband, Kuan. He followed my dream to come to the US and got admitted to Boston University School of Dental Medicine last year. No word could express our excitement when the match results came out, and we knew we could stay together for the next few years! Tufts Children's Hospital is my No.1 choice, and I cannot wait to move to this beautiful city, meet Tufts Children's Hospital family, and attend the adult ballet classes in Boston Ballet.

Trupti Ingle, MDTrupti Ingle, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Hi everyone! I grew up outside of Boston in Burlington, MA. I was a competitive figure skater growing up, but don't ask me to show you any tricks now! I stayed in Boston for undergrad where I majored in Health Sciences at Northeastern University. I love to travel, and I was fortunate enough to go on several study abroad trips to Singapore, Bali, and South Africa. After college I took a year off and worked at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston as a research administrative assistant before starting medical school at UMASS in Worcester, MA. I loved my time at UMASS where I was very involved in a project aimed at identifying patients who super-utilize medical resources. Outside of medicine, I enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I'm excited to be back in Boston yet again and to join Tufts Children's Hospital family!

Christina Kratlian, MDChristina Kratlian, MD
Albany Medical College

Born on the Cape and raised on the South Shore, I traveled up to Boston for my undergraduate education at Boston University. I majored in Psychology, developed a passion for Art History, and worked as a resident assistant on campus. I stayed at BU to obtain my Masters degree at the School of Medicine, where I studied bubble blowing as a way to help kids cope with immunizations - and met my fiance, Andrew! After finishing my degree, I ventured into the adult world and spent a few years researching the heart, and then ventured even further to New York for medical school at Albany Medical College. During medical school, I solidified my love of Pediatrics and became very involved with child advocacy and legislative efforts around pediatric issues. In my free time you can find me cheering for the Red Sox, cooking new recipes or exploring new restaurants, sitting on the beach (even in the winter), attempting to teach my cat how to fetch, or spending time with my family and friends. I couldn't be more overjoyed to come home to Boston and join Tufts Children's Hospital family!

Priya Mishra, MDPriya Mishra, MD
Sawai Man Singh Medical College

Hi everyone! I was born in the small town of Kota in India. I grew up with my parents and one older brother moving around. Right after high school, as the first person in my family joining the medical profession, I joined Sawai Man Singh Medical College for medical school which is at the heart of pink city of Jaipur. During my 6 years of medical school, I fell in love with the art of medicine and in particular, enjoyed interacting with children and making them smile. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing badminton, dancing to bollywood music, painting and traveling the world. Matching at Tufts for residency is a dream come true and I am ecstatic to be a part of Tufts Children's Hospital family!

Rachel Olfson, MDRachel Olfson, MD
Albany Medical College

I grew up in New York City with my parents and older sister, where I attended an international school in Manhattan from elementary through high school. I moved to Connecticut to receive a B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior at Wesleyan University, where I also enjoyed volunteering in local schools to teach children hands-on science projects and discovered an interest in baking. After college, I returned to my home state to attend medical school at Albany Medical College. I am thrilled to be joining the Pediatric team at Tufts, and pursuing Triple Board training over the next five years! I am also looking forward to enjoying life in Boston by jogging on the Esplanade, exploring museums, and discovering all that the city has to offer.

Marina is a residentMarina Santos Oren
Universidade do Estado do Pará

Hi! I was born in the north of Brazil, in the amazon region in a city called Belem. Where I grew up, it was always warm. What marked seasons were if there was a lot of rain or just a little! Winter in Boston will be amazing for me! My medical school was in my hometown at Para State University. I went to Sao Paulo for Residency in Pediatrics and Fellowship in Neonatology after that. I lived there for 7 years and I enjoyed every minute of the big city life. In one of my visits to my sister in Dallas, Texas, I had the opportunity to observe at Children’s Hospital, and I was fascinated by it. All the research, education, and resources to practice Medicine were amazing. I also met my husband there! So I decided to start my medical education here in the US. I went to the University of New Mexico to pursue a Fellowship in Neonatology. I learned to love green chile and New Mexican food there. I also had my two kids there! Outdoors were amazing too. I am very excited to be joining the Tufts Residency Program to finish my training. It is an amazing team and I am looking forward to our next 2 years! 


Julian Ponsetto, MDJulian Ponsetto, MD
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Hello all! I grew up in Wayland Massachusetts and stayed close to home to attend undergrad at nearby Boston College. I knew I wanted to go into pediatrics after volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program during college. I spent two years after college working in a hematology/oncology lab at Mass General Hospital and then moved to Chicago to attend medical school at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. My interests include reading, travel, live music, eating tacos, trying to cook, and playing pickup basketball. Recently my turnaround jump-shot has been developing well. I also enjoy spending time with my family’s pet dachshund, Finnegan. I’m excited to be back in Boston to continue my medical training!

Laura Rosenkrantz, MDLaura Rosenkrantz, MD
Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Hello! I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. My college years were spent at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I received a BS in Biochemistry/Biophysics and MS in Biology. While there, I continued my love for running on the Track & Field team, became involved in research and met my future husband. After graduation, we moved to Boston and I spent three years working as a Clinical and Research Assistant at Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Among the quaint cobblestone streets and picturesque seashore, I found a welcoming and passionate community with unparalleled culture. Boston had stolen my heart! I returned home to Long Island to attend medical school at Stony Brook University School of Medicine and made monthly trips back to Boston to visit my husband. In addition to traveling, I enjoy hiking, camping, running, reading books on the beach, skiing and spending time with family and friends. I cannot wait to make a one-way trip back to Boston to start my pediatric career and serve this city as part of the Tufts Children's community!

Lauren Shin, MDLauren Shin, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine

I grew up in Brookline, just 30 minutes from the hospital by the T (you’ll get used to calling it that)! I love Boston, but I wanted to escape the winter so I moved down the coast to Emory in Atlanta for undergrad, where I studied Neuroscience and Latin. The most snow I ever saw in Atlanta was 1 inch - which of course shut down the whole city. Once I had enough of biscuits and Waffle House, I returned to the northeast, this time to Philly for medical school at Drexel. I fell pretty hard for anything brain related, so naturally, I went to medical school thinking I would be a neurologist, though soon I discovered there’s such thing as a child neurology residency! It’s sad to leave cheesesteaks, Wawa, and affordable housing but I’m excited to be back home! In my free time, I love to try new restaurants and different recipes. I’m also a heavy binge-TV-watcher with an inconsistent taste - anything from Gilmore Girls to The Wire.

Hannah Brummer, ResidentHannah Brummer, MD
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Orchard Park, NY (home of the Buffalo Bills!) with my parents and brother.  During my childhood, I enjoyed playing field hockey, taking dance classes, and of course skiing in the lake-effect snow.  I have been fortunate enough to spend summer vacation time in Maine since I was young, so I have a longstanding love of New England.  I attended college at the University at Buffalo, where I majored in Biomedical Sciences.  I then went on to attend medical school at the Jacobs School of Medicine in Buffalo, NY, where I was able to participate in translational research in epigenetics, as well as travel to Haiti for a global health medical relief trip.  My brother has lived in Boston for the past several years, and with every visit, I became increasingly convinced that Boston was where I wanted to be for residency.  In my free time, I enjoy cooking, traveling, trying new exercise classes, and spending time with family and friends.  I can't wait to experience all that Boston has to offer, and am so excited to be a part of the Tufts Children's community!

Cara Coleman, ResidentCara Coleman, MD
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine

I was born in Milwaukee but grew up in the Chicago area surrounded by a very large Irish-American family. I travelled down to Florida to attend the University of Miami for my undergraduate studies where I majored in neuroscience. Touching on my Irish roots, I decided to move to Dublin, Ireland, to attend medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I fell in love with the country and the time I was able to spend reconnecting with my relatives. Outside of my interest in pediatrics, I enjoy swimming, travelling, reading, and exploring new restaurants. I am so excited to begin my next adventure in Boston as part of Tufts Children's Hospital family!

Sarah Daily, ResidentSarah Daily, MD
University of Louisville School of Medicine
Hello - I'm Canadian, but I grew up moving around. I went to high school, college, and med school in Kentucky, and it feels like home. Apart from the Celtics and a general familiarity with intense winters, I don't know Boston that well, but I am so glad to be a part of the triple board.


Erin Dunn, ResidentErin Dunn, MD, MPH
University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
I grew up in Arkansas but moved to southern California when I was in high school. From there I traveled up to northern California to attend college at UC Berkeley. For medical school I moved all the way to the other side of the country to get my MD/MPH at the University of Miami. I am excited to be joining the Triple Board Program at Tufts and the Tufts Children's Hospital! As I enjoy living in and experiencing different parts of the US, I look forward to discovering what Boston has to offer!

Yevgeniya Harrington, ResidentYevgeniya Harrington, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School
was lucky to grow up in a beautiful beach town called Swampscott, MA after immigrating from Minsk, Belarus.  My college years were spent in Boston at Northeastern University, during which time I studied Biology with a minor in Psychology, and participated in the co-op program working for a research lab at Boston University School of Medicine. After receiving my B.S. in Biology, I was accepted to medical school at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester.  At UMass I was active in a student-run community service organization called Kelley Backpacks that benefitted children going into DCF custody from our hospital. I was also a leader of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine elective, a founding member of the UMass Community Mural Group, and worked on a burnout research project for the YWCA of Central MA.  My other interests include any form of art, spending quality time with family and friends, my two adorable Mini Aussies, my fat cat, and, of course, Boston sports. Despite the weather, I have never wanted to leave Massachusetts as my husband and I have always considered this beautiful state our home. I am overjoyed to be training at Tufts and in the city that I love most, Boston!

Tiffany Johnson, ResidentTiffany Johnson, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine
Raised in southern New Hampshire, I grew up with a love for medicine and musical theatre. I embraced both of these passions in my undergraduate career at Brandeis University, where I studied Theatre Arts and was on the pre-med track. As a teenager and young college student, I pursued a semi-professional career as a vocalist, and this afforded me the opportunity to not only work with many incredibly talented musicians but to work with thousands of children from underserved communities of Massachusetts and New Hampshire through song and celebration. Through lots of hard work and quite a bit of lucky timing, I was accepted to Tufts University School of Medicine in my sophomore year at Brandeis through the Tufts Early Assurance Program. This allowed me to expand upon my creative and performance arts training before beginning medical school. It was at this time that I fell in love with ballroom dancing, a sport (yes, it's a sport!) I continue to compete in, teach, and practice regularly. Throughout all of this, my love for working with children has grown and strengthened. I am very interested in making the use of music, art, and theatre therapies more accessible and intrinsic to preventative and primary care pediatric medicine--and can't wait for the next few years to explore this as a member of Tufts Children's Hospital family! Other interests include dogs, the beach, experimental baking, writing and--of course--the Red Sox!

Ryan Kilpatrick, ResidentRyan Kilpatrick, MD
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
grew up just outside of Boston, in Acton, MA, with my parents and two brothers. I didn’t travel far for my undergraduate education, attending Boston College where I studied Biology. After taking a year off to work as a medical scribe, I moved to Chicago, IL to attend Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. There, I founded a program called Reading Circle, which brought medical students into outpatient pediatric clinics to read to children waiting for appointments. While I loved exploring Chicago and the Midwest, I am excited to return home to Massachusetts and to continue my training at Tufts. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing music (drums, guitar, and banjo), reading non-fiction, and following Boston sports (Go Pats!). I am thrilled to be back home in New England with family and friends and I look forward to joining Tufts Children's Hospital community!

Alyssa Levin-Scherz, ResidentAlyssa Levin-Scherz, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine
am thrilled to join Tufts Children's Hospital family and become a triple Jumbo! Born in Belmont, MA I ventured a mere 4 miles from home to Tufts University where I majored in Political Science and Community Health (Jumbo number one). After college I moved to Washington, DC to complete my premed requirements and see the world outside Boston!  However, I missed the freezing winters and impressive accents and was beyond excited to come back for medical school at Tufts  (Jumbo number two).  While in medical school I got married to my undergraduate sweetheart and had my son Alexander! When not playing and providing endless entertainment for my toddler I love cooking, exploring new cities, and eating at vegetarian-friendly restaurants. I want to go into primary care, and especially love taking care of adolescents!

Erin McMillan, ResidentErin McMillan, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine
I grew up in Hockessin, Delaware where I spent a good amount of time working in my dad's pet store and learning about aquatic critters for my high school's Envirothon team. College took me to Ithaca, NY where I studied biology at Cornell. Concentrating in animal physiology continued my love of learning weird and useless animal facts. Acting as a teaching assistant, tutor, and student advisor revealed my passion for teaching (especially weird animal facts, but also things like biology and medicine). I then came to Tufts for medical school and fell in love with Boston. I'm so excited to join Tufts Children's Hospital team and become a Double Jumbo! At home, I bake a lot of pies that unfortunately my turtle, Gus doesn't help me eat. I also like to be outside and spend time with friends and family.

Emily Niemi, ResidentEmily Niemi, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine

Hi everyone! I grew up in nearby Peabody Mass., just north of Boston, and then made my way to undergrad at Colby College up in the lovely state of Maine. There I majored in biology, but also took an array of classes in psychology, sociology, and Spanish. I can’t deny that I also spent plenty of time pursuing my passions in the great outdoors; hiking, skiing, and exploring. I then went to medical school at Tufts, where I was lucky enough to split my time between my two favorite places, Boston and Maine, as a part of the Maine Track program.  I will now officially be a “Double Jumbo” and am so excited to continue my pediatric education here at the Tufts Children's hospital.  I can’t wait to spend my free time with friends and family, be a quick drive to the New England mountains, and experience all of the culture (and food!) that Boston has to offer!

Olivia Perrone, ResidentOlivia Perrone, MD
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans
Born and raised below sea level in the festival capital of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana, I always dreamed of attending college in New England. That dream came true at Tufts, where I majored in French and Community Health and met my now husband, Sam! I then headed back down south and obtained my Master's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Tulane University before starting medical school at LSU New Orleans School of Medicine. There, I realized early on that I would pursue a career in pediatrics. During medical school, I was active in the LSU student-run homeless clinic, serving as clinic director. Although I am admittedly more at home in the humid warm weather, I am excited to be back in Boston along with Sam and our endlessly energetic dog, Bruno, and to join Tufts Children's Hospital team. Right now I am unsure where my training will take me after residency, but I know that I'll be a happy camper as long as kids are involved!

Katherine Pleet, ResidentKatherine Pleet, MD
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
Born and raised in Springfield, I am a proud Massachusetts native.  After graduating from high school I attended Brown University (Go Bruno!) where I majored in Biology.  In my undergraduate years I was an active member of the club tennis team, participated in a number of mentoring programs, and explored my inner design nerd on my college yearbook staff.  After my four wonderful years at Brown I ventured north to Boston where I spent a year serving as a City Year AmeriCorps member at The Burke public high school where I tutored and mentored 10th grade students. It was here that I realized my desire to work with teens and children.  Their passion, humor, and resiliency motivates me to work hard each day to give every child the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.  I moved out of my New England bubble for medical school where I attended Sidney Kimmel Medical College - the school formerly known as Jefferson Medical College - in Philadelphia.  My experiences in Philly, both clinically as well as in various volunteer opportunities, solidified my passion for pediatrics. In my free time you can find me hitting the tennis courts, playing card games, at spin class, traveling, or nurturing the foodie in me at a cool new restaurant.  I couldn’t be more excited to be moving back to Boston and becoming a part of the Tufts family!

Dr. Laura BegorLaura Coyle, MD
Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University
I grew up in Pennsylvania with my three sisters, who are my best friends in the world. After years of escaping to the mountains, my family moved north to New Hampshire. This was convenient for me, as I went to college at Dartmouth where I enjoyed ski patrol and driving across the country in a veggie-powered bus. After college, I moved to NYC for medical school and explored preventive medicine by directing CHEF ED, a cooking class for medical students, and by focusing on reproductive health at our student-run community clinic. In my free time, I am usually outside skiing or hiking or in the kitchen. I love plants, particularly colorful, edible ones, and I have a particular nack for making any recipe virtually unrecognizable (and some would argue inedible) through experimental substitutions. My fiancé and I are looking forward to returning to New England to be close to family and the mountains, and I am excited to join the Tufts community and continue 

Dr. Malek MazzawiMalek Mazzawi, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School
My whole life I’ve been able to call Massachusetts my home. I grew up in a town not too far from Boston called Walpole, MA, and went to UMass Amherst where I studied Biochem, Chemistry, and French. After graduating college, I decided to get my Masters at Tufts in Biomedical Sciences where I fell in love with Boston. I went to medical school at UMass Medical and now I am proud to once again call myself a Jumbo by doing my residency at the Tufts Children's. In my free time, I enjoy traveling the world but avoiding touristy things. I am very interested in fitness and consider myself somewhat of a foodie. Long before I knew I wanted to go into medicine, I knew I wanted to work with kids so becoming a pediatrician was a no-brainer. I look forward to going into work every day and handing out Popsicles and stickers for a living while ultimately providing medical care for the kids of my home state!