Physician Comings and Goings

Last updated: December 2020

Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital welcomes

Justin Drager, MD Sports Medicine- October 2020
Farah Moustafa, MD Dermatology- September 2020
ChenChen Sun, MD OB/GYN- September 2020
Jacob Elkon, MD Hematology/Oncology- September 2020
Sushrut Jangi, MD Gastroenterology- August 2020
Lily Grossmann, MD Pediatric Neurologist- August 2020
Rajesh Zaharias, MD Pulmonary- July 2020
Aba Al-Kaabi, MD Allergist and Immunologist- July 2020
Amanda French, MD- OB/GYN- July 2020
Christopher Homsy, MD Plastic Surgery- July 2020
Jeremiah Tracy, MD ENT- June 2020
Neha S. Bhatia, MD, MA, Medical Geneticist- July 2020
Aftab Iqbal, MD
Primary Care- May 2020
Laura Wiltsie, DO Pediatric Hematology/Oncology - November 2019
Matthew Nuhn, MD Surgery, Kidney Transplant - November 2019
Caroline Kim, MD Dermatology- November 2019

Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital departures

Kellie Sprague, MD Hematology/Oncology- November 2020
Julia Nicoletta, MD Pediatrics- September 2020
David Criss, MD CardioVascular- September 2020
Jack Erban, MD Breast Health, Cancer Center- September 2020
Willie Cater, MD Orthopedics- August 2020
Jessie Winer, MD Pediatric Neurosurgery- August 2020 
Christopher Geary, MD Orthopedics- August 2020
Emilia Shin, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology- August 2020
Elizabeth King-Paulson, MD CardioVascular Center- July 2020
Manasa Mouli, MD Primary Care- July 2020
Jaclyn Chu, MD Primary Care- July 2020
Errol Norwitz, MD OB/GYN- June 2020
Ruben Azoccar, MD Anesthesiology- June 2020
Edgar Kent Yucel, MD Radiology- May 2020