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Elizabeth Yen, MD, MA Accepting New Patients

Programs + Specialties
Training + Education Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Board Certifications Pediatrics
NPI # 1275972762
Gender Female
Language(s) Chinese, Indonesian
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Tufts Children's Hospital
Tufts Children's, 2nd Floor
755 Washington Street
Box 44
Boston, MA 02111
Phone #: 617-636-5322
Fax #: 617-636-1456
Lawrence General Hospital
1 General Street
Lawrence, MA 01841
Phone #: 978-683-4000
Fax #: 978-946-8021
Lowell General Hospital
295 Varnum Avenue
Lowell, MA 01854
Phone #: 978-937-6032
Fax #: 978-937-6903
MelroseWakefield Hospital
585 Lebanon Street
Melrose, MA 02176
Phone #: 781-979-6400
Fax #: 781-979-6410

2020, Sydney Gellis Young Physician Award - awarded to an early career faculty who seeks to improve treatments, outcomes, and the quality of life of sick children.
2020, Member, Eastern Society for Pediatric Research Planning Committee.
2020, Abstract reviewer, 2020 annual Pediatric Academic Society and Eastern Society for Pediatric Research meetings.
2020, Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Pediatrics, Pediatric Research, Clinical Therapeutics, Respiratory Research
2018-2020, Society for Pediatric Research (SPR) Young Investigator Coaching Program
2020, Selected participant, American Pediatric Society/Society for Pediatric Research Journeys & Frontiers in Pediatric Research at the 2020 PAS Meeting
2019, Selected participant at the NICHD/NIH-funded 50th Anniversary of the Perinatal Research Society Young Investigator Grant Writing Workshop
2019, Newborn Medicine Excellent in Teaching Award
2018, Saltonstall Travel Award to attend Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Conference
2018, National Institute of Drug Abuse scholarship to attend “Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction” at JAX (Jackson Laboratory).
2017, Selected participant at the 29th Eunice Kennedy Shriver NICHD Young Investigator Conference on Maternal-Fetal-Neonatal-Reproductive Medicine

For a complete list of Dr.Yen’s publications see PubMed.

Yen E, Murphy HJ, Friedman H, Lucke AM, Rodday A. Neonatal abstinence syndrome practice variations across pediatric subspecialty. J Perinatol 2020 Sep 23. doi: 10.1038/s41372-020-00831-8.

Yen E, Kaneko-Tarui T, Graham AM, Carpenter S, Madan N, Tarui T. Davis JM, Maron JL. Evaluation of the Sex-dependent Impact of Prenatal Opioid Exposure on the Developing Brain. Poster presentation at 2020 Annual BIRCWH Meeting (Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health).

Yen E, Kaneko-Tarui T, Ruthazer R, Hassaneen M, Harvey-Wilkes K, Maron JL. Sex-dependent gene expression in infants with neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome. J Pediatr 2019;214:60-5.

Yen E, Davis JM, Milne CP. Impact of regulatory incentive programs on the future of pediatric drug development. Therap Innov Reg Sci 2019;53:609-14.

Yen E, Davis JM. Finding the right treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome: Is this the right time? J Perinatol 2018;38:785-7.

Yen E, Weinberger B, Laumbach R, Vetrano A, Gow A, Ramagopal M. Exhaled breath condensate nitrite in premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia. J Neonatal-Perinatal Med 2018;11:399-407.

Biobaku F, Babata K, Friedman H, Goddard A, Yen E. A term newborn with intrauterine growth restriction and severe fetal brain anomalies. NeoReviews 2018;19:e616-9.

Francois LN, Borczyca L, Du J, Bircsak K, Yen E, Wen X, et al. Down-regulation of the placental BCRP/ABCG2 transporter in response to hypoxia signaling. Placenta 2017;51;57-63.

Yen E, Vinod S, Desai T, Sarabu C, Borole S, Puvabanditsin S. A rare etiology of neonatal cholestasis. NJ Pediatrics, 2016;Winter:30-32.

AAP Trainees and Early Career Neonatologist (TECaN)
AAP Young Physicians’ Leadership Alliance (YPLA)
American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)—Perinatal Section Member
Arnold P. Gold Humanism Honor Society
Eastern Society for Pediatric Research (ESPR) Member
International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology (EBNEO)
Society for Pediatric Research (SPR) Junior Section Member
Perinatal Research Society Associate Member

MIRI Researcher Elizabeth Yen Headshot

Dr. Elizabeth Yen joins MIRI

Learn more about Dr. Yen's research
MIRI Researcher Elizabeth Yen Headshot

MIRI study finds genes affecting newborn feeding habits

Learn more about the research led by Elizabeth Yen, MD
MIRI Researcher Elizabeth Yen Headshot

Dr. Elizabeth Yen awarded Hood Foundation Grant

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Charles H. Hood Foundation
Child Health Research Award
Evaluation of the Sex-dependent Impact of Prenatal Opioid Exposure on the Developing Brain
The goal of this grant is to examine how prenatal opioids affect the developing brain in a sex-dependent manner and to identify neonates at risk for more severe opioid withdrawal using non-invasive neonatal salivary gene. expression and brain magnetic resonance imaging.
Role: Principal Investigator

K12 BIRCWH (Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health) Grant
Non-Invasive Evaluation of the Sex-Dependent Impact of Prenatal Opioid Exposure on Brain Reward Center Regulating Newborn Feeding
Role: Principal Investigator

Natalie V. Zucker Research Center for Women Scholars Grant
Hypothalamic Dysregulation and Oral Feeding in Neonates with Prenatal Opioid Exposure
Role: Principal Investigator

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Student Traineeship Award #YEN05H0