Care Team

The Rare Tumors and Vascular Anomalies Program at Tufts Children's Hospital in downtown Boston is made up of exceptional physicians who specialize in caring for children with vascular birthmarks. Our multidisciplinary team includes:  


Walter Chwals, MD, FACS, FAAP, FCCM is a pediatric surgeon at Tufts Children's Hospital.Walter Chwals, MD
Pediatric Surgery

Specialties: Surgical oncology for pediatric tumors.





Daniel N. Driscoll, MD is a plastic surgeon at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital.Daniel N. Driscoll, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgery
Specialties: plastic surgery and surgical excision and reconstruction after resection of vascular tumors as well as pharmacologic and light based (LASER) treatments for vascular malformations.




Neil Halin, MD is a radiologist at Tufts Medical Center.Neil Halin, DO, FSCVIR
Pediatric Interventional Radiology
Specialties: Non-surgical management of birthmarks, Lymphatic malformations, and cutaneous and deep tissue venous, and arterio-venous malformations in close conjunction with the medical and surgical specialists.




Neel Madan, MD is a radiologist at Tufts Medical Center.Neel Madan, MD
Pediatric Radiology
Specialties: Neuroradiology with special focus in pediatric neuroradiology; focus on image interpretation and methodologies for evaluating vascular anomalies, especially in the head, neck, and spine.




Andrew Scott, MD is a pediatric otolaryngologist at Tufts Children's Hospital.Andrew Scott, MD
Pediatric ENT/Otolaryngology
Specialties: Surgical and non-surgical management of vascular birthmarks, surgery for hemangioma, lymphatic malformation, and certain venous malformations.  Surgery on the head and neck, including facial plastic surgery. Corrective surgery for residual lesions following medical therapy.




Tishi Shah is an attending physician at Tufts Children's in the hematology oncology department.Tishi Shah, MD
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Specialties: Pediatric hematology oncology, vascular anomalies





Tomo Tarui, MD
Specialties: Fetal and neonatal neurology. Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and neurological care of neurovascular anomalies, brain malformations, and neurogenetic syndrome.




Mark Vecchiotti, MD is a pediatric otolaryngologist at Tufts Children's Hospital.Mark Vecchiotti, MD
Pediatric ENT/Otolaryngology
Specialties: Surgical management of Pediatric congenital and acquired head and neck masses, including lymphatic malformation, venous malformation, and hemangioma, Pediatric voice and airway disorders, Pediatric hearing loss and cochlear implants, Pediatric speech and swallowing problems, Pediatric Sinus disease, obstructive sleep apnea, Pediatric facial trauma.