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Lead Poisoning Clinic

Peeling window paint or a renovation project in an older home can inadvertently expose children to lead paint. Anemia and constipation can be signs of lead poisoning, which can lead to learning problems in children. We work with families of children who have tested positive for elevated levels of lead.

A veteran pediatrician versed in treating and dealing with the ramifications of lead paint exposure will work with you and your child. Our goal is to help guide your family through what can be a long and challenging process, from switching your child to a high fiber, high calcium diet, to complying with state laws and regulations requiring lead paint removal after it is discovered in a home or apartment.

The Sydney S. Gellis Diagnostic Clinic

It could be a reoccurring rash, chronic fatigue, or intermittent bouts of diarrhea. All you know is that your child is not well and, despite the best efforts of your pediatrician, you just can’t get to the bottom of it.  At the Sydney S. Gellis Diagnostic Clinic, we are here to help get you the answers you need. Named after the late Dr. Gellis, a giant in the field who chaired the Department of Pediatrics in the 1960s and 1970s, our clinic provides expert second opinions by top pediatricians. Our physicians will spend time with you and your child to thoroughly understand the problem. In making a diagnosis, we can draw upon the full array of lab testing and imaging facilities. Once the diagnosis is made, will be send your pediatrician relevant information regarding the diagnosis and a full explanation of tests completed.