In the Division of Pediatric Emergency Services at Tufts Children's Hospital at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care and results. Another major focus of our team is making sure your family has the best experience possible. Below are quotes from pediatric patients and their families who have used our online estimated ER treatment time tool, InQuicker. 97% of patients who have answered our survey would recommend our facility and the InQuicker tool. 

Patient quotes about the Tufts Children's Pediatric ER

"I seriously can't remember where I heard about it but I'm really glad I remembered it. We were in & out in no time!"

"Kind, attentive, expert care hours before we would have been seen somewhere else. Thank you so much."

"The overall experience for my daughter and myself could not possibly have gone better in any facet of our visit. The professionalism, compassion, dedication and consideration for both my daughter and myself exceeded any possible expectations I could have had for this visit. My true regret is that the Emergency Medicine residents I teach in Roanoke, VA were not with me to take note of how a perfect pediatric ED patient encounter should unfold. Please pass along my most sincere gratitude and admiration for the performance by each and every member of the care team involved in our visit." Read more from this testimonial >

"Even though the ER waiting room was crowded, my intake information was completed immediately upon my arriving to the ER. I was given a room immediately, and a physician saw me within 5 minutes of me arriving in the room."

"Great, everyone we encountered were professional and kind."

"Our entire experience was excellent My daughter had been experiencing a migraine for 5 days. We had seen her primary care doctor 2 times and went to another ER once. We were in/out and better in 4 hours. Amazing thank you so much."

"I was excited to hear about the at home check in because I was bringing my infant son to be seen and didn't have to sit in the waiting room and have him exposed to all the germs and I was also pleased that I received a phone call from a nurse before I got there to make sure the time wasn't to far away or if he could wait to be seen. I have always used a different hospital with my other children but since my son's specialist worked out of tufts I brought him there however because of this service and the treatment I received yesterday I will be switching my whole family to Tufts."

"Found it on the tufts website, went in and was taken right away. No waiting!"

"I was shocked w/ how great this expericience was. Everyone was very helpful and I was seen right away."

"Thank God it wasn't a true emergency but it did make the trip much easier by waiting at home rather sitting in the emergency room."