Visitor Information

These guidelines have been carefully developed to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for your child, yourself, and the PICU staff.

It is our goal to make you and your child’s time here in the PICU as easy and comfortable as possible while maintaining appropriate infection control measures.

Please see the following guidelines for visitation while in the PICU:

  • Only two parents/guardians are allowed at the bedside at any time.
  • There are no siblings (regardless of age) or other family members allowed to visit at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions to limit the number of people in the hospital.
  • We are able to accommodate one parent to stay overnight with your child.  If your child is stable, the parent/guardian may stay at the bedside if deemed appropriate by the nurse.  If your child is unstable or requires a ventilator and breathing tube, you will not be able to sleep in the room for safety reasons.  In this case, we may be able to provide you with a small room located directly outside the PICU as availability allows.  These rooms are reserved/assigned daily and only guaranteed for one night at a time depending on the PICU’s census; please ask your nurse for details.
  • In order to promote normalcy for both your child and yourself, we strongly encourage a bedtime routine to allow for both patient and parent to get the rest they require.  Quiet hours in the PICU are from 10pm – 6am.  Please know that if there is any change in your child’s condition while you are off the unit, staff will notify you immediately.
  • The waiting area is not currently open due to social distancing concerns.  Please stay in your child’s room as much as possible, unless exiting the hospital, as this respects the privacy of others and assists with infection control.
  • There may be occasions when parents/guardians are asked to leave the bedside for a period of time due to a procedure for your child.  That is the only time the waiting room is utilized and a staff member will bring you back in as soon as possible.
  • Please always ring the doorbell and check in with the unit coordinator (behind the large plexiglass) before entering the unit.
  • We kindly ask that there are no photos or videos taken of your child with any staff/equipment or when any procedure or intervention is occurring with your child.
  • Any parent or guardian who has any Covid-19 symptoms will be unable to visit the PICU.
  • We encourage you to wash your hands with sanitizer or at a sink before entering and after exiting your child’s room.