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Specialists in the Center for Children with Special Needs at Tufts Children's Hospital share helpful resources for parents, schools and health care providers.

Seminar Series

Please join Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Erik von Hahn, MD, in a free seminar series dedicated to parents of children Erik von Hahn, MDwith disabilities.

Each session will better prepare you to advocate for and work with your child's own unique set of needs.

Learn when professional support may be needed for your child, how to communicate your concerns to health care and school professionals, and how to confidently teach your child new skills.


Watch Dr. von Hahn's latest seminar series about rules



Other seminar series topics:

October 7, 2019        How to work with healthcare professionals  
November 4, 2019        How to work with school professionals  Watch Video
December 2, 2019        How to have fun with your child  
January 6, 2020        How to teach your child good sleeping habits  Watch Video
February 3, 2020        How to teach your child good eating habits  Watch Video
March 2, 2020         How to develop a routine and schedule for your child  
April 6, 2020         How to enforce rules at your home (and why)  
May 4, 2020         How to help your child build social skills  
June 1, 2020        Open topic/Review  



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