Wait at home, not in the Pediatric ER

When your child needs non-life-threatening pediatric emergency room care in Boston, Tufts Children's Hospital at Tufts Medical Center's dedicated Division of Pediatric Emergency Services allows you to check-in for an estimated treatment time so that you and your family can wait at home instead of in a Boston ER waiting room. Our doctors and nurses have years of training and experience dealing with children in high-stress situations and have undergone specialty training to be certified to care for kids in emergency situations. 

If your child has a minor emergency, please use the tool below to select the time you would like to come in to our ER for treatment. Please do not use this feature in case of a major emergency. If you are in doubt about the severity of your child's condition, you should always seek immediate care by going to the nearest emergency department or calling 911. Patients with emergent, life-threatening conditions will always be seen first. If this happens when you arrive, we'll work quickly to get your child in as soon as possible. 

97% of patients who have answered our survey would recommend our facility and online estimated check-in tool. Read quotes about our service >

Tell the Pediatric ER You're Coming

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