Innovations and Milestones

1894: Floating Hospital for Children is founded as a hospital ship and is towed around Boston Harbor. Over 1,000 children were served in the first year

1905: Launch of a new, much larger, ship designed to house an inpatient unit, a nursing school, a research facility and a kindergarten

ca. 1911: First hospital-based human milk collection for sick babies

ca. 1925: “On shore” facility began to house clinical specialties and research

1919: First artificial milk product invented, later successfully marketed as Similac

1930: Began an affiliation with the Boston Dispensary and Tufts University School of Medicine

1931: Floating Hospital for Children permanently moves to land as the Jackson Memorial Building

1940: The first children’s playroom in a Boston hospital is established as part of a program to apply recreational therapy to counter the effects of hospitalization

1958: Maurice Raben, MD a pediatric endocrinologist at Floating Hospital for Children purified hormones from human pituitary glands to create the first growth hormone treatment

1963: Family Participation Unit established, allowing parents to stay overnight with their children

1965: Floating Hospital for Children officially merges with Tufts Medical Center

1981: World’s first pediatric trauma center established in cooperation with the Kiwanis organization

1985: Floating Hospital for Children moves to its present-day site as a “state of the art” full service pediatric hospital

2020: Floating Hospital for Children is renamed Tufts Children's Hospital